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ACTS is a non-profit member based organisation representing higher and further education institutions within Australia and New Zealand. We aim to inspire, promote and support change towards best practice sustainability within the operations, curriculum and research of the tertiary education sector.

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Call for Papers

12th International ACTS Conference

Call for Papers extended to 27 June 2012!

Our institutions continue to build and implement strategies, plans and actions for a more holistic approach to sustainability ‐ through learning and teaching, through operations, through research and through community engagement. As potential leaders in this field, a critical success factor is our ability to mobilise and motivate our community to embrace the sustainability journey.

The 2012 conference will address some of the key sustainability challenges facing professionals, managers, facilities, academics and researchers:

  • What role do we have in the sustainability debate?
  • How should institutions prepare for changing economic systems, changing student demographics and emerging potential risks associated with climate change?
  • What should our community, and particularly our students, be learning about sustainability and what tools do they need to be able to deal with emerging paradigms and challenges?
  • What research and engagement activities should institutions instigate and enhance?
  • How can we better share innovation and best practice models to lead the wider community in sustainability?
  • How can we create the appropriate sense of urgency in our institutions and gain executive buy‐in and commitment?

Each year, more and more sustainability professionals from across the globe meet at the ACTS Conference to share their stories, skills and experiences. In 2012, we continue this fine tradition. Always as we move forward we remember, sustainability is a journey, not a destination, so how should our institutions develop their “travel plans”?

ACTS invites abstracts from the sustainability community for the ACTS 2012 Conference “Mobilise and Motivate: Building momentum for a holistic sustainability approach”. The call for papers, abstract submissions is now open and will remain open through to June 1, 2012.

Abstract Information

Abstract Submission Limits

Potential presenters may submit no more than 2 abstracts for ACTS 2012 Conference. Limit 250 words.

Conference Streams

  • Operations
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Research
  • Leadership & Engagement

Types of Presentations

All sessions are up to 90 minutes in length. ACTS may pair two submissions into one session to fill the 90 minute time slot.

  • Refereed and Non-Refereed Papers: 30 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes Q&A
  • Workshop / Roundtable / Symposium: 90 minute interactive presentation
  • Poster presentation – posters should be no larger than 4×4; Board and pins for hanging provided by ACTS.

Refereed Papers

Refereed Papers are those that are written with the intention of being published in the conference proceedings as a journal subsequent to the conference. Therefore both their initial abstract and final paper will be reviewed for their quality and relevance to the conference through double blind peer reviewing, where the identities of the authors are withheld from the reviewers.  All accepted refereed papers will be published in the online Conference Proceedings with an assigned ISSN.

Refereed Papers can be submitted as either:

  • a RESEARCH Paper (describing research into any aspects of sustainability related to higher education fitting any of the four streams – Operations, Teaching and Learning, Research or Leadership and Engagement) or
  • a DISCUSSION Paper (theoretical explorations as discussion of sustainability practice or programs related to higher education including a review of relevant literature (e.g. case study exemplars showcasing  good practice or a topical issue) aligned to any of the three streams – Operations, Teaching and Learning or Leadership and Engagement).

Review Criteria for a “Research Paper” include:

a) Paper Abstract and Introduction
b) Paper Methodology
c) Paper Results (including empirical data) and Discussion
d) Paper Conclusion(s) and/or Implications and Recommendations
e) Paper Quality (e.g. follows author guidelines, English grammar, clarity, structure)

Review Criteria for a “Discussion Paper” include:

a) Paper Abstract and Introduction
b) References to Relevant Literature (both citations and reference list)
c) Discussion of Important Issue(s)
d) Paper Conclusion(s), Implications and Recommendations
e) Paper Format and Quality (e.g. follows author guidelines, English grammar, clarity, structure)

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Non-Refereed Papers

Non-Refereed Papers are those that are written without the intention of being published in the conference proceedings or a journal. The initial abstract submission must be accepted before a full paper can be optionally submitted. The full paper will not undergo a blind review process and will not be included in the online Conference Proceedings.


Workshops/Roundtable/Symposium: Please note that the focus for these sessions is to actively engage the participants in interactive learning. As such, those abstracts that describe the activities that will actively engage participants will be given priority for inclusion in the conference agenda.

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Businesses & Government Partners Submitting Abstracts

Our business community and government partners are important to us. In order to make things clearer for presenting as a business, please see the below revisions to our business community presentation regulations:

  •  Any presentation, sponsored or not, made by a business must include a higher education co- presenter, preferably an institution that has a success story to share directly related to the main presenter’s subject matter.
  • Any business presenting at the conference, whether in a sponsored presentation or not, must be an Associate Member with ACTS. Information in becoming an Associate Member with ACTS can be found on the ACTS website.

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Submission Process and Deadlines

All abstract submissions must be made online. Authors are strongly advised to review the content of this website prior to submission.

Click here to submit

  • Abstracts for all Papers (Refereed and Non-Refereed), and all presentation proposals must be submitted by 27th June, 2012.
  • Abstracts should extend to not more than 250 words.
  • Once the refereed paper abstract has been accepted, full papers for review are to be submitted by 18th July, 2012.

There will be a “Rolling Review & Acceptance” process for abstracts and proposals. The committee and editors aim to provide feedback on abstracts and proposals within four weeks of submission. Please remember that there is an early deadline for abstracts of refereed papers.

  • 30th April, 2012 – 27th June, 2012: Abstract Submission Period (with rolling review & acceptance: early submissions are highly recommended)
  • By 27th June, 2012: All ABSTRACTS due
  • By 18th July, 2012: All FULL refereed papers due
  • By 1st August, 2012: All refereed paper authors/non-refereed paper authors and workshop/roundtable/symposium presenters Must Register to be included in conference program
  • By 22nd August, 2012: All refereed paper authors will receive comments
  • By 5th September, 2012: Submit revised refereed papers for publication in online Conference Proceedings

Authors must be prepared to accept recommendations from the Conference Review Panel regarding any revisions that are deemed to be appropriate for the final draft of the full paper.

  • The decision of the editors is final and binding.
  • Acceptance of all presentations at the conference is deemed to have the approval of authors/presenters for uploading on the web.
  • Acceptance of refereed papers is deemed to have the approval of the authors for publishing in conference proceedings.
  • Authors retain all copyright of their published papers.
  • Authors/presenters are responsible for bringing to the conference any handouts or resources they wish to distribute.
  • At least one author/presenter has to register for the conference. All additional authors/presenters have to register if they are co-presenting and/or attending.

Remember that the theme of the conference is to mobilise and motivate! Please ensure your submission endeavours to do just this so that delegates can gain the most from their conference experience and learning opportunities.

For more information regarding the conference or submission process, please email info@acts.asn.au

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