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2012 ACTS Conference

Hosted by The University of Queensland, Griffith University and the University of the Sunshine Coast

Our institutions continue to build and implement strategies, plans and actions for a more holistic approach to sustainability ‐ through learning and teaching, through operations, through research and through community engagement. As potential leaders in this field, a critical success factor is our ability to mobilise and motivate our community to embrace the sustainability journey.

The 2012 conference addressed some of the key sustainability challenges facing professionals, managers, facilities, academics and researchers:

  • What role do we have in the sustainability debate?
  • How should institutions prepare for changing economic systems, changing student demographics and emerging potential risks associated with climate change?
  • What should our community, and particularly our students, be learning about sustainability and what tools do they need to be able to deal with emerging paradigms and challenges?
  • What research and engagement activities should institutions instigate and enhance?
  • How can we better share innovation and best practice models to lead the wider community in sustainability?
  • How can we create the appropriate sense of urgency in our institutions and gain executive buy‐in and commitment?

Each year, more and more sustainability professionals from across the globe meet at the ACTS Conference to share their stories, skills and experiences. In 2013, this fine tradition was continued. Always as we move forward we remember, sustainability is a journey, not a destination, so how should our institutions develop their “travel plans”?


Thank you to the sponsors of the 12th International ACTS Conference

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