Institution: The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is committed to growing and supporting diverse flora and fauna on our campuses by protecting and improving the ecosystems that attract interconnected plants, fungi and wildlife species. Thanks to a project led by Associate Professor Rosanne Quinnell and botany students and staff, you can now explore the flora across all of our campuses virtually. The CampusFlora website is a learning and teaching tool. It contains the botanical details of all species across all campuses from Camperdown to One Tree Island.

In partnership with different academics from across disciplines, self guided trails have been added so you can discover a new botanical route across campus. One example is the Patyegarang trail. This was developed in collaboration with Associate Professor Quinnell’s Aboriginal colleagues (Quinnell et al., 2018) and offers content from Professor Jaky Troy’s work on Indigenous languages.

In offering this trail in CampusFlora Associate Professor Quinnell’s pays her deepest respects to Patyegarang, the first known teacher of language and to the traditional custodians of the Eora nation upon whose land the University stands.

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