The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) has organised working groups to explore critical issues and facilitate the development of resources related to the three ISCN-GULF Sustainable Campus Charter principles:

  1. Buildings and their sustainable performance
  2. Campus-wide planning and target-setting
  3. Integration of research, teaching and facilities

They are currently seeking additional members to join this collaborative effort.

This is your change to work directly with though-leaders and other sustainability practitioners and take a hands-on role in furthering the field of campus sustainability! Working group members participate in the planning and review of innovative research projects related to the topics listed above, and will be discussing these in-depth at the upcoming 2011 ISCN Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 8-10.

The following highlights the research agenda for Working Group 2. Campus-wide planning and target-setting:

Working Group 2 will be collecting information pertaining to campus master planning, ranging from greenhouse gas reduction targets and strategies, to architecture as a reflection of campus identity, the relationship between living, learning and outdoor spaces, and accessibility and connection to local community and businesses. The long-term goals for Working Group 2 include the development of case studies and design considerations to address common challenges and describe the processes used to overcome them.

For further details on working group activities and member responsiblities, please click here.