ACTS President Leanne Denby met with representatives from our affiliate organisation in China – the China Green University Network (CGUN) – at Macquarie University on Wednesday 21 March, 2012. The CGUN was established in 2011, and has already achieved great things. With a volunteer base similar to ACTS, CGUNs mission is to promote research, education and society for sustainable development. Chaired by Professor Tan from Tongji University, the CGUN has a board, secretary and professional committees that focus on specific projects under the themes of social science, SD education, green technology, and green campuses. With 2,700 universities in China, a collective floor area of 0.6 billion square metres, and over 30 million students, the CGUN is an exciting new venture that has already delivered successful outcomes with their Campus Energy Management Systems, large-scale student competition (eg. solar decathlon), and student engagement. ACTS has been collaborating with CGUN and other international organisations for the Rio + 20 submission, and we look forward to developing our relationship with them further.