The Victorian Tertiary Sustainability Network was originally established in 2006 as the Sustainable Campus Group (SCG) administered through Monash Sustainability Institute (MSI). It was originally open to all TAFE’s and Universities in Victoria. In 2009 the Victorian Institutions started to participate in the State Governments Resource Smart Program, and a key component of both SCG and Resource Smart was networking, with sustainability professionals from the tertiary sector meeting quarterly to share ideas (and moral support).

The Resource Smart program was disbanded within two years and the number of institutions reporting under SCG diminished as environmental reporting became a regulatory requirement. However, networking continued to be a valuable resource for staff and therefore the Tertiary Sustainability Network (TSN) was established to allow the quarterly meetings to continue at no cost to the institutions. There are over 50 members on the mailing list, with meetings regularly attended by representatives from over 20 Victorian Institutions (with the inclusion of UTAS as our nearest neighbour). The TSN is a great example of regional networking, with ACTS staff based in Victoria, joining the group at their recent meeting on 13 May 2013 and now hoping to work with members on future initiatives.

If you are an institution based in Victoria and you’d like to know more about the group please let us know, or if you are a group in Victoria who would like to network with ACTS, please email us.

ACTS looks forward to exciting participation within the network. The next meeting will be Monday 12 August 2013 at NMIT – Preston Campus.