Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The programs’ content has been developed by integrating feedback from our sector with the strategic direction of ACTS to help build the capacity of educators, leaders and learners to transition to a healthy, sustainable future.

Leadership in Sustainability Summit (LISS)

LISS is held in three major cities to help refresh our individual and collective leadership vision, energy and impact in ways that are best attuned to the times. Lead by Leith Sharp who has spent two decades examining success factors in sustainable leadership and driving real-world change throughout a range of organisations and was the founding director of Harvard’s Office for Sustainability.

2017 LISS workshops held in Sydney and Melbourne.


Carbon Neutrality

Climate change remains one of the single greatest environmental and social challenges that we face. These workshops will provide detailed and practical insights on how your organisation can take positive action and be part of the global response that is needed.

2017 Carbon workshop held in Melbourne.