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Congratulations on making it through Plastic Free July! Hopefully some of the knowledge and skills you picked up from this month’s #actsofconnection can support you in reducing your plastic footprint.

You’re invited to wrap up Plastic Free July by joining in a collective plalk!

Plalking is as simple as going on a walk and collecting any rubbish you find on your way. Although we won’t physically be together during this event, by plalking at the same time on the same day, you’ll know that you are part of a wider community of people helping to clean up our urban spaces.

To help you prepare for our collective plalk, we’ve put together a few helpful guidelines for you:

  1. Gear up: It’s a good idea to dress in comfortable, sunsafe/weather proof walking clothes and shoes. Gloves (e.g. gardening gloves) are recommended as the litter you come across may be hazardous or even downright gross.
  2. Bring a container: Depending on the distance and path you take; you may choose to bring a container or even a reusable bag for collecting and storing litter. Make sure whatever you use is easy to carry, and can safely hold sharp, dirty or moist items.
  3. Safety first: There are no rules about how much or how little trash to collect but remember that every little bit counts. Safety should always be your first priority though when deciding whether to pick an item up (e.g., broken glass). If in doubt, leave the item where it is and either get suitable gear to remove it, like a litter claw and a strong container, or request assistance from the local authorities.
  4. Be loud and proud of your plalking efforts! Taking a selfie while plalking is fantastic evidence for your team’s Green Impact toolkit and if you’re comfortable to, please share your efforts on social media as well. By doing so you may help inspire a wider collective movement on cleaning up and fostering a culture of litter prevention. Make sure you tag @ACTS_Inc or @GreenImpactAUNZ and use #actsofconnection and #greenimpactAUNZ as we’ll be sharing everyone’s amazing efforts!
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