Member Roundtables are a fantastic opportunity for members to connect in an informal virtual setting to share ideas, challenges and practical solutions with peers from across the ACTS network.

Upcoming member roundtables

How does it work?

Hosted on zoom webinar and running for 90 minutes, each roundtable is limited to a small number (between 5 and 10) of active participants. Active participants are allocated a short period of time to provide an update of their institutions activities, initiatives and plans relating to the roundtable topic; the reminder of the time is used for answering questions and general discussion.

Members can also register as listen-only participants, meaning they do not share or speaking during open discussion, but can still submit questions and interact through zoom chat.

The ACTS team will confirm active participants no later than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled roundtable. Active participants will be selected based on expressions of interest that are representative of as many member institutions as possible. As such, active participants may be limited to 1-2 individuals per member institution (depending on overall registrations). 

Listen-only participants will be emailed the direct registration link to the roundtable within two (2) business days of submitting the expression of interest form below. 

Expression of interest form

Multiple roundtable applications are not available at this time; you will need to submit a new form for each roundtable event you would like to participate in. 

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You will need to complete a separate application for multiple roundtable events.
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Active participants can share experiences and contribute to general discussions. Listen-only participants can submit questions for general discussions.
If your organisation is not active in the area of the roundtable topic, please register as a listen-only participant.