Your one-stop-shop for an online sustainability engagement program.

#actsofconnection is an all-in-one online employee engagement program designed to support organisations looking to create a culture of knowledge and action around sustainability.

#actsofconnection events – be they live webinars, shared learning opportunities, competitions or networking events – are aimed at connecting a community of passionate individuals who want to learn more about sustainability and find out what they can do to help make the world a better place!

Accessible to everyone at your organisation no matter how large or small, the #actsofconnection series will provide a platform for individuals to:

  • Increase their knowledge and awareness of important sustainability issues,
  • Connect with a supportive community of likeminded people, and
  • Learn simple yet effective ways to help build a better future for people and the planet.

The best part is … our team does all the hard work for you! We curate, create and deliver the content, provide promotional resources and publish a regular bulletin detailing upcoming events. 

Want to learn more?

Who is #actsofconnection for?2022-08-16T14:14:03+10:00

Whilst the mission of ACTS is to support, promote and inspire best practice sustainability in all types of campuses, we recognise that #actsofconnection events are relevant to anyone with an interest in learning more about sustainability and wanting to help create a better future for all.

Our program is perfect for any organisation in Australia and New Zealand that wants to engage with their staff on important sustainability issues, but may lack the time and/or resources to develop a program in-house. Our online platform is simple and easy to access, with content that is topical and relevant to a wide audience base; it does not assume any prior knowledge or background of sustainability themes and issues.

What kind of events can I expect from #actsofconnection? 2021-02-16T14:18:29+11:00
  • Live webinar presentations on sustainability topics and issues, delivered by subject matter experts.
  • Competitions and learning opportunities that support engagement with existing national/global sustainability events.
  • Our popular “sustainability at home” series (such as Houseplants 101, Ethical Eats and Sustainability Life Hacks).
  • Health and wellbeing activities (such as introductory yoga and guided meditation).
  • Collective grassroots activities (such as coordinated “plalks”).
  • Fun social events (such as speed networking and lunch time trivia).
How does the program work?2022-08-16T14:09:03+10:00

With a valid ACTS Membership, all employees (and students if applicable) can join our exclusive upcoming events mailing list. Each week, we’ll email details of events open for registration and/or instructions on how to get involved with activities. Individuals can pick and choose what they want to join. It’s that simple!

We’ll also provide your organisation with a range of tools to help promote #actsofconnection as an opportunity for your employees, including communication templates, social media assets and online event listings.

Who delivers #actsofconnection content?2021-02-16T14:52:31+11:00

Many of our regular events are delivered directly by our team of sustainability and community engagement experts! We also utilise our connections throughout the extensive ACTS network to bring you experts from a range of sustainability fields to deliver content as part of this program. In some instances, we are lucky enough to learn from our own community of #actsofconnection participants too!

If you have an idea for the #actsofconnection calendar, or would like to submit a proposal to host an act, please get in touch with our team.

What does my organisation need to do to participate?2022-08-16T14:07:34+10:00

A valid ACTS Membership is all you need and then let your staff (and students) know about #actsofconnection! We provide everything you need to communicate the opportunities provided by #actsofconnection, including a weekly upcoming events EDM, communication templates, online listings, registration pages, social media assets and of course the events themselves!

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