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As a non-profit member-based organisation, Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) Limited is a sector champion that aims to engage, empower and exemplify all types of campus-based organisations to lead on the transformation towards a sustainable future. We actively seek to build community and business partnerships at the local, regional and international level, in order to bring together a network of people for positive engagement, capacity building and change.

Paramount to the success of the ACTS is the time and dedication provided by our voluntary Board of Directors. This passionate group of sustainability-minded professionals and educators has guided the strategic direction of ACTS, supported its initiatives and broadened the standing of ACTS regionally and in the international arena. Key to continuing this work is the role of Secretary, who provides support to the President and the activities of the Board.

ACTS is pleased to announce expressions of interest for the role of Secretary.

Under our former governance structure, the Secretary role was required to be fulfilled by an individual based in Queensland, Australia. Under our new structure as an Australian company limited by guarantee, this role can now be undertaken by any individual from an ACTS member institution and be located anywhere within Australia.

This role requires a person with the ability to provide management support to the ACTS President and coordinate effectively with the ACTS General Manager, including performing the following tasks:

  • Sending and receiving letters, emails or other documents.

  • Advising the President, Treasurer and/or General Manager about urgent matters that arise from official letters or other documents.

  • Taking nominations for the ACTS Board or subcommittees of the ACTS Board.

  • Convening meetings and arranging venues/online access.

  • Preparing meeting agenda and papers as advised by the President.

  • Providing timely advice to members of meeting dates, agenda and papers.

  • Taking minutes of meetings and coordinating record management of all related documents.

  • Ensuring the timely distribution of minutes to members and other related tasks.

It is expected that those who fill the role will:

  • Be based in Australia, as dictated by the ACTS company constitution.

  • Have relevant experience and/or a keen interest in the role.

  • Possess a willingness to support further development for ACTS to become the recognised organisation representing sustainability in campus organisations.

  • Be available to support monthly Board meetings (conducted via video/teleconferencing) and intermittently between Board meetings to review and respond to questions and actions in relation to the undertakings of ACTS.

  • Attend ACTS Board strategic planning sessions.

  • Prepare for and attend the ACTS Annual General Meeting.

  • Bring to ACTS expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm to support the organisation’s vision and mission.

If you have any further questions, please contact ACTS General Manager Rhiannon Boyd at

If you would like to express interest in this role, please complete the form below and with a copy of your CV by the deadline date.

Want to learn more?

How long will I hold the position for?2021-06-02T10:07:42+10:00

This voluntary position requires a minimum commitment of 12 months, commencing at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In this instance, there will be a period of handover from our current Secretary, who has held the position for a significant period of time and will be stepping down from the role this year. As such the successful applicant will have the opportunity to shadow our Secretary to get a feel for the role in the time leading up to the AGM and handover in October.

How much of my time is it likely to take?2021-06-02T10:08:19+10:00

This really is up to the person holding the position, though we would expect it to take at least 4-6 hours per month, including meetings. This is not a set amount of time, but an estimation of participation required to be effective. You are quite welcome to put in more time to achieve more if you so desire.

Am I eligible to nominate?2021-06-02T11:39:44+10:00

All staff and students of ACTS member organisations are eligible to apply for the voluntary position of Secretary. The current list of members can be found at

Will I have a budget to use if needed?2021-06-02T10:10:04+10:00

Any request for expenditure needs to be discussed with the Treasurer.

Will I have an opportunity to grow the role?2021-06-02T10:10:38+10:00

Most definitely! The Secretary role offers an opportunity for growth and development through this experience. The ACTS Board are keen to ensure the best outcome possible for both parties.

Should I discuss this role with my supervisor?2021-06-02T10:11:08+10:00

Yes. It is important that you have your supervisor’s support for you to undertake this voluntary role, particularly as Board meetings are held within regular business hours. As ACTS Secretary, your organisation will receive recognition on the ACTS website for the contribution you are making.

Is anyone from ACTS available to talk with my supervisor if required?2021-06-02T10:11:39+10:00

Of course. We would be more than happy to discuss the role, ACTS, or anything else that is considered important with your supervisor, if you think it will assist in your application and/or fulfilling the role.

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