In partnership with our national supplier ABCO, ISS has introduced new cleaning technology utilising equipment from I-Team global. Among their product range ISS has purchased I-Mops, I-Scrub, I-Fibre, I-Spray Wash, I-Land, I-Cover, I-Vacs, I-Mats and I-Dose chemical range for bathroom, kitchen and common areas.

All the equipment is battery operated and additional batteries and chargers are fitted onto the I-Land trolleys. I-Mops take us away from the old spaghetti mop method and use pads or brushes, depending on the type of flooring being cleaned.

What are some of the sustainability outcomes from this initiative?

The following information relates to the use of I-Mops;

• To mop 300 sqm using a spaghetti mop takes 45 mins, using an I-Mop XL it takes 11 minutes
• To mop 300 sqm with a spaghetti mop uses 17.4lts of water, using an I-Mop XL uses 1.7lts of water
• I-Mops usage has a 99% slip hazard reduction, 90% less water usage, 92% faster wet recovery and results in 70% cleaner floors than using spaghetti mops.

What feedback have you received on this initiative?

The change has been well received by both staff and clients and no obstructions have been met during the 4 building roll out thus far.

Final thoughts?

The I-Technology is well worth the costs in terms of end results across the board. I highly recommend its use.

Tony Gould
Customer Service Manager, Cleaning Excellence

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